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Hanover Public Schools
Technology Philosophies
  Technology Mission Statement
  Our mission is to provide superior educational opportunities through the efficient and innovative use of technology.
  Technology Vision Statement
  Education is built on sharing: of ideas and information; of facts and opinions; of input and output. With this collaboration comes the ability to generate extraordinary change?to make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of others. The Technology Department of Hanover Schools supports the building of learning communities, the pursuit of academic achievement, and the realization of personal fulfillment through the use of traditional, current, and emerging technologies.
  Technology in the Hanover Classroom
  Although the latest version of the "National Educational Technology Standards" (NETS) identifies six areas of focus for student learning and growth, it assumes that teachers understand the implications of these standards as well as methods for integrating them into the classroom. In order for students?"digital natives"?to lasso the educational potential of technology, it is essential that their teachers are able to help them move forward.

As we reexamine the role of technology in Hanover, the following will always be central to our discussions and implementations: 1) the implications of the NETS for students and teachers; 2) methods of incorporating historical, current, and cutting edge technologies into the classroom; and 3) how to realign curricula and practices in order to integrate NETS (and the associated technologies) into the classroom.

  National Educational Technology Standards
bullet NETS for Students
bullet NETS for Teachers
bullet NETS for Administrators