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Hanover Public Schools
Brain Awareness Week

Last Updated: 03/16/2018

Brain Awareness Week

It’s Brain Awareness Week! Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is a worldwide celebration of the brain! Hanover Public Schools is joining thousands of partners around the world to learn more about the brain, how to take care of it, and to promote progress in brain research.

The Hanover Public Schools is celebrating BAW as part of our ongoing “Choose Presence” Campaign as we continue to examine how interactive technology affects the brain and children’s brain development. Progress continues to be made in brain research and the benefits are immeasurable.

HPS is committed to promoting a growth mindset culture that is supported by the best practices in teaching and learning.  Children with a growth mindset want to learn, be challenged, and will work hard to achieve success in academics and in all areas of their life. 

Throughout this week, we will be sharing newsletters with families that include facts about the brain, brain games to challenge people of all ages, information to promote awareness of current research, and how to keep our brains healthy and functioning at the optimal level to learn and grow.  

We hope your family enjoys these activities!



Brain Games
Brain Game Answer Sheets
Brain Info and Fact Sheets

Visit the Dana Foundation web site for additional information for students and adults:

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