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  Contacting A Staff Member - Phone
Hanover Middle School has a telephone voice-mail answering system in which you are able to leave a personal/confidential message for teachers and staff members.

After you hear the greeting, “Welcome to Hanover Middle School,” you can access the voice mail system by pressing Option 1 and then the 2- or 3-digit extension and then #.  You don't have to listen to the whole greeting.  If you do not have the list with you, you can press *2 and the last name, and it will be transferred to the voice mailbox.

Voice mailboxes will be checked periodically for messages so please allow 24 hours for a return call.  If you have an emergency or need the Main Office, please press 0.  If you are asked to leave a message, please do so and someone will call you right back.  
The Main Office is open from 7:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

Main Office: 781-871-1122
Guidance: 781-878-2718
Nurse: 781-982-6076
Fax: 781-871-8792

Contacting A Staff Member - Email
Email is another method of communicating with our staff. Email addresses consist of the staff member's first initial followed by their last name "".

Please remember that email should not be used as the primary means of communication with staff members. Any sensitive, urgent, or safety-related communication should happen via telephone or in person. A quick question can usually be communicated via email by directing the message to the appropriate address listed on this site.

For Staff
If you are a teacher or staff member and would like your link posted or revised, please send an email to or contact the main office.

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Subject Reference
SS (Social Studies), Math (Mathematics), ELA (English Language Arts), Sci (Science),
Phys. Ed. (Physical Ed.), Comp. Sci. (Computer Science), GM (General Music)
  Administration & Offices  
Position Name Location Ext.      
Principal Daniel Birolini Main Office
Assistant Principal Stephen Kapulka Main Office
Assistant Principal Anna Hughes Main Office
Special Ed. Coordinator BJ McNamara Guidance Office 19    
Administrative Assistant Shelly Grabowski Main Office

Administrative Assistant Karen Oliver Main Office
Administrative Assistant Deborah Rich Main Office
Administrative Assistant Patty Nesti Guidance Office
Nurse Joelle Casey Health Office    
Nurse Assistant Maura Nevins Health Office    
Psychologist Deborah Gill 209A
Counselor Pauline Ward Guidance Office
Counselor Lauren Chebator Guidance Office
Counselor (Multi-grades) Megan Callahan Room 107B
Speech Therapist (5 & 6) Stacie Barlow Office (Room 117)
Speech Therapist (7 & 8) Susan Shedd Room 209B
Speech / Language Molly Simmons Room 203 96    
ELL Instructor Kathleen Shea 210A      
Grade 5              
Group Name Room Ext. Subject      
5A Lori McKenna 124 42 Math, SS  
5A Tracey Dubois 122 66 Sci, SS  

5A Dawn Brandmark 120 120 ELA, SS  
5B Dorothea Gray 118 61 Math, SS  
5B Thomas Ryan 116 91 ELA, SS  
5B Christine Hrenko 114 106 Sci, SS  
5C Alexandra Bishop 112 68 Math  
5C Stacey DeCotis 110 87 ELA  
5C Thomas Hogan 108 41 Sci  

5C Lynne Kosak 102 72 SS  
Special Education Dayna Scribi 109 46 SPED  
Special Education Laura Kenney 109 46 SPED  
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Grade 6              
Group Name Room Ext. Subject      
6A Steven Henderson 103 75 ELA, SS  
6A Lisa Porzio 106 70 Sci, SS  
6A Rachel Hines 104 57 Math, SS  
6B Jennifer Foss 10 65 ELA, SS  
6B Joan Edgar 11 45 Sci, SS  

6B Gregg Wheeler 12 69 Math, SS  

6C Rachael Brewin 14 71 ELA, SS  
6C Claudia McCarthy 15 67 Sci, SS  
6C Deborah Curran 16 47 Math, SS  
Special Education Stephanie Murphy 101B 48 SPED    
Special Education Kim Vieira 101B 44 SPED  
Grade 7              
Group Name Room Ext. Subject      
7A Paul Economos 210 52 Sci  
7A Betty Fahey 215 50 Math  

7A Andrea McNamara 216 53 ELA  
7A Sheila Ray 217 74 SS  

7A Ben Benitez 201 117 Spanish  
7A Laura Breault 207 60 SPED  

7B Kathleen Campbell 212 56 Sci  
7B Andrea Pattison 218A 113 Math  
7B Caitlin Carceo 214 55 ELA  

7B Jennifer Cronin * 219 114 SS  

7B Jennifer Sulc ** 220 58 French  
7B Rosina (Nina) Olson 203 44 SPED    
* LTS for Donald Ronchetti
** LTS for Seana Greene
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Grade 8              
Group Name Room Ext. Subject      
8A Denise Heavern 25 79 Sci  

8A Kathryn Keating 22 85 Math  

Melissa Cotter

206 81 ELA  

8A Matthew McGarry 24 112 SS  
8A Joanne Goldstein 208 77 Spanish  

8A Donna Fratus 203 32 SPED  

8B Andrew McLean 21 51 Sci  
8B Christine Kelleher 20 80 Math  

8B James McNamara 26 82 SS  
8B Martha Stamper 204 78 ELA  

8B Jodi Craft 205   Spanish  
8B Joanne Reilly 207 49 SPED  

Group Name Room Ext. Subject      
Technology / Engineering John Storella-Mullin 224 111 Engineering  
Technology (class website) Cooper Naylor 222 59 Comp. Sci.  
Wellness Peter Arena Gym 63 Wellness  
Wellness Suzanne Clasby Gym 92 Wellness  
Wellness Michelle Ireland 218B 116 Wellness  
Art Bonny Opie Art 1 83 Art  
Art Aaron DiGaudio Art 2 84 Art  
Music Julienne Thornell Music 1 88 Band  

Music Michael Wade Music 2   Chorus    
Music John Schumacher Music 3 86 GM  
Digital Literacy Erin Foley Library 22 Library  
Reading Karen Anderson 218C   Reading    
Reading Kerin Sullivan * 218C   Reading    
Curriculum Coach Gene Reiber 119 93 ELA (5-8)    
Math Coach Andrea Hurley 119 90 Math (5-8)  
* LTS for Megan Breton              
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  Special Education (Multi-Grade)  
Group Name Room Ext.        
Special Education (5-8) Lynn Kaupp 218B 98      
Special Education (5-8) Luke Zimmerman 107C 119 SPED  
Paraprofessional Kim Misk 107C   SPED    
Paraprofessional Lynne Murney 218B   SPED    
Paraprofessional Denise Schell 218B   SPED    
ABA Tutor Amanda Bellew     SPED    
ABA Tutor Jane Bottomly     SPED    
ABA Tutor Brenda Carven     SPED    
ABA Tutor Meghan Cleaves     SPED    
ABA Tutor Lori Desreuisseau     SPED    
ABA Tutor Mark Eagles     SPED    
ABA Tutor Stephanie Gertz     SPED    
ABA Tutor Luke Hrenko     SPED    
ABA Tutor Phyllis Johnson     SPED    
ABA Tutor Rita Pellerin     SPED    
ABA Tutor Julie Smith     SPED    
ABA Tutor Lindsey Stork     SPED    
ABA Tutor Margaret Wandell     SPED    
ELA / Math (5-6) Ariana Liakos 211   SPED    
ELA / Math (7-8) Jennifer Curtis 200   SPED  
  Extended Day Program (EDP)  
Group Name Room Ext.        
EDP Colleen Shinney 105 25  
Anne Judge (Ext. 26) Laura Czolada Maryann Lohan
Barbara Mullen Cindy Ward Laurie DeMita
Joanne Sledziewski    
Mike Berry William MacMackin CJ Preistly
Scott Kinsman Scott Moore Justin Blythe
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