Science Fair  
  2018 Science Fair  
  The Hanover Middle School Science Fair will be on Thursday, April 26, 2018.  

There are three options for this project. You can do a traditional Science Fair Project, a project based on the Engineering Design Process, or a Rube Goldberg Device based on the 2017 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest. All projects must have a Science Project notebook and students can work with one partner.

  • A “traditional” Science Fair Project, must be an experiment of some kind, it can not be justa demonstration. The project must have a hypothesis and an experiment with a constant and a variable. For example, you cannot just do a demonstration with Diet Coke and Mentos, but you could add a variable to that idea and a hypothesis and it could become an experiment very easily. (Talk with your teacher about this) The notion of C3 can be helpful in for this project, Change, Create, and Compare.

  • A project based on the Engineering Design Process is a different style of project based on the steps that engineers follow to come up with a solution to a problem. For this project, you must define a problem, do background research, brainstorm solutions, design and develop a prototype, build a prototype, test and re-engineer the prototype based on the tests and lastly report your results. The final project will have the prototype on display.
  • A Rube Goldberg Device - Design and Build a Machine in conjunction with the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest: Projects will not be entered in the official Rube Goldberg Contest, but will need to meet all contest criterion. May be done as a team.