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Hanover Public Schools
State Health Mandates
  State Mandated Examinations and Immunizations
  State Mandated Immunizations

State Mandated Physical Examinations
A physical examination is required prior to entry into grade K, in grade 4, grade 6 (prior to camp) and grade 10 and for students participating in high school sports and/or school/work programs.

A physical exam is required for all transfer students.

MIAA requires a physical examination prior to participation in any school sport. A physical is valid for 13 months.

A physical examination should be conducted by the child's primary care physician. All children in Massachusetts are entitled to have access to a health care provider. Please consult the school nurse.

Chapter 181, a new law requiring that:
"Upon entering kindergarten or within 30 days of the start of the schools year, the parent or guardian of each child shall present to school health personnel certification that the child within the previous 12 months has passed a vision screening conducted by personnel approved by the department of public health and trained in vision screening techniques to be developed by the department of public health in consultation with the department of education..."

Please read the Massachsuetts Department of Public Health Vision Screening Memo for more information.

  State Mandated Screenings (Provided in School)
Grade   Screening
5-9   Postural Screening
K-5, 8 & 10   Vision
K-3, 8 & 10   Hearing
K, 1, 4, 6 & 10   Height/Weight

In 1993, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health granted Hanover Schools Health Services a waiver for health screenings. This waiver is renewed every two years.


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