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Hanover Public Schools
Nutrition Information

Last Updated: 09/12/2013

  Nutrition Information

Download and view food nutrition information for all foods served at Hanover Public Schools. You willneed a PDF viewer to see the label information. Click the Adobe Reader link on this page if you are unable to see the labels.

The Menu Nutritional Food Information included on this site has been provided by the companies that manufacture or supply food items sometimes served in the Hanover Schools Foods Services Programs. In making this list available, the Hanover Public Schools make no representation as to its accuracy. Nor do the Hanover Public Schools represent that the listed brands, food items, or portions will be served on any particular day. To the contrary, the Hanover Public Schools Food Services routinely and without notice substitutes various brands or food items for those included on the list.

This information is intended for general informational purpose only. It is not reliable for determining a brand, food item, or portion to be served on a particular day and is not reliable for the purpose of making food choices relating to a medical condition.

  Nutrition Facts / Menu Information

View nutrition information for common food items provided by the USDA Food and nutrition service:

  You may view specific items served in our schools by reviewing items on the provided links: