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Last Updated: 06/22/2016

Summer Reading and Math Review

Summer Reading

This summer Center/Sylvester School will continue with our Superhero theme and join the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge. We will be competing with other schools across the nation to read the most minutes during the summer break to help prevent reading regression over the summer! All students have been registered, and user name and password information has previously been distributed.

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Summer Math

Just as students benefit from reading over the summer, they will also benefit from engaging in some fun math activities. Research suggests that students maintain and strengthen their math skills better through regular and meaningful practice. Included in this packet are some optional math activities to reinforce their math skills! Have your child color in a square on the calendar when they complete that activity or use the alternate calendar to create your own.

The goal is for your child to have fun thinking and working collaboratively to communicate mathematical ideas. The optional activities reflect a range of difficulty with the intent that your child can choose the activities that are at a “just right” level. While working on these activities, ask your child how she found a solution or why he chose a particular strategy.

You can choose which activities you and your child would like to complete on whichever day you want. We have also included some suggested books, websites and free apps.  Please return the signed calendars to your child’s new teacher in September.

We hope that you enjoy these optional activities, extend them, create new ones, and most importantly have fun!

Have a wonderful summer and thank you for your support!

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